Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rethink your future Business Intelligence strategy with IBM Cognos 10 and Collaborative BI

We are in the age where the softwares are changing the way organizations do their business. IBM Business Analytics softwares are changing the way organizations take their decisions, allocate their resources, anticipate and change future outcomes. IBM Cognos 10 expands the traditional business intelligence with planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analysis which makes it possible to deliver business intelligence to a wider audience.

To meet the always changing business requirements, the organizations today cannot sustain without collaboration in each and every business decision. The requirement is to allow the key business users to engage in various conversations about the business information and in turn get more value out of their Business Intelligence software. IBM Cognos 10 addresses collaborative decision making with annotations and by integrating with Lotus connections. Annotations shared within reports and dashboards it help every business user to stay fully informed and in turn take better business decisions.  Lotus connections is a built-in collaboration and social networking tool to connect people so that they can share their insights and achive better business results. To know more, please check the demos from the following link:

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