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IBM Cognos Mobile - BI on the Go

If your need is to explore, analyze and share IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content from anywhere you are, IBM Cognos Mobile is the solution. You can access the same reports and gain insights in the same way as you do with IBM Cognos BI. The mobile solution is reliable and secure. It does not matter weather you are online or offline, you can work with rich and visually compelling BI content anywhere. This increases productivity and makes the mobile decision-making simple like never before.

Here is a small demo on IBM Cognos Mobile:

If you are keen on seeing industry leading solutions with Cognos Mobile, attend the BI on the Go session in IBM Software Universe 2011. Here are the details of the session:

Navigate to the following site for more details on IBM Cognos Mobile:

IBM Software Universe 2011 - What is in it for you ?

The 7th IBM Software Universe event is due in the next 20 days, it is time to see what the softwares can do for your organisation. The participants of the earlier editions of IBM Software Universe wait year long for this event, as this event is known to be India's largest software expo. The highlight of this years event will be the Solutions Expo which falls in the must-not-miss category and consists of hands-on and the solution-specific demos for different IBM softwares. There are 7 in-depth tracks which are being planned - Information & Analytics, Integration and Business Process Management, Intrastructure Management, Security & Risk, Collaboration, Software & Product Innovation and Smarter Commerce. These tracks are on diverse technologies and at a level of detail unmatched in the industry. For example, the Information & Analytics track will include a demo on Retail Banking Analytics which helps banks to drive revenue, increase operational efficiency, manage risk and retain the most valuable customers. This demo consists of 350+ pre-defined Reports and Dashboards to make decision making simpler for Retail Banking. There will also be an interesting demostration of the capabilities of IBM Cognos Mobile in this Information & Analytics track.

For more details on Solution Expo, please visit the following link:

If you are willing to interact with IBM subject matter experts and gain insights on industry best practices, this is the oppotunity for you. This is undoubtedly the best technical learning ground for the software professionals in India.

The following link has the agenda for the event:

Here is the link where you can register for this most awaited software event for 2011:

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