Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to find the Java version that is being used by IBM Cognos?

While configuring IBM Cognos, using an incompatible Java version is a very common mistake. An incompatible Java version will not allow to IBM Cognos to function correctly. Most of the time the users are not sure what is the Java version that they are using:

Here are three ways with which you can find the versions of the Java that Cognos is using:

Method 1 - Using Command:

If you are aware of the Java home directory that is being used use the command "java -version" to find the exact version for Java.

Method 2 - From Cognos Configuration:
a. Open Cognos Configuration
b. Press Ctrl+F3

Method 3 - From Logs:

a. Open the file cbs_cnfgtest_run.log file under logs directory.
b. Look for the entries: java_vendor, java_version

Once you know the Java version you can always check if that version is supported by version of Cognos that you are using:

IBM Cognos 8.4.1 Supported Environments -

IBM Cognos 10.1 Supported Environments -


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