Saturday, June 11, 2011

IBMs AQ Maturity Model. Whats your AQ?

Today organizations are trying to introduce Business Analytics to all levels of employees, so that making better decisions become a practise even at the most granular level of the organization. But, bringing Business Analytics to the fore is not a one-day task, the organizations need to understand what their current level is and the areas they can improve upon. This makes it all the more important for organizations to follow a Business Analytics maturity model.

IBM has recently launched AQ (Analytics Quotient) Maturity Model. The are four stages in this maturity model which are: Novice, Builder, Leader and Master.

To explore the AQ Maturity Model in more detail please refer to the following site:

where you can know more about
1. Whats your AQ?
2. Different stages of AQ Maturity model
3. How can you improve?
4. The tools that can help you to improve
5. Case Studies and White Papers

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